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For Starters

Combo Boat (Sampler) – 14.99

Bangkok Wing (1), Crab Roll (1), Coco Shrimp (2), Kanom Jeap (2), and Spring Roll (1) served with soy sauce, plum sauce and honey mustard.

Fried Tofu – 5.99

Deep-fried bean curd served with sweet and sour peanut sauce.

Fried Eggplant – 5.99

Battered and fried eggplant served with sweet and sour sauce.

Spring rolls (Fried) – 5.99

Chicken, cabbage, carrot, celery, and bean thread noodles served with plum sauce.

Fresh Rolls – (Non Fried) – 5.99

Shrimp and imitation crab, bean sprout, basil, cucumber, lettuce, rice noodles, and scallion wrapped in rice paper and served with sweet chill peanut sauce.

Crab Rolls – 5.99

Imitation crab, cream cheese and cucumber served with plum sauce.

Chicken Sa-teh – 6.99

Marinated tenders on bamboo skewers served with cucumber salad and peanut sauce.

Kanom Jeap – 6.99

Steamed dumplings stuffed with chicken, pork, shrimp, shitake mushroom, and water chestnut served with sweet soy sauce.

Age Gyoza – 6.99

Deep-Fried dumplings with turkey, cabbage, carrots, onions and potatoes. Served with soy sauce.

Bangkok Wings – 6.99

Partially deboned chicken wings stuffed with chicken, pork and selected mixed vegetables served with sweet chili sauce.

Shrimp Tempura – 7.99

Battered and fried Shrimp, broccoli, carrot, mushroom, onion, red bell, sweet potato and zucchini served with soy and plum sauce.

Co Co Shrimp – 7.99

Butterflied shrimp covered with crispy noodles served with homemade honey mustard.

Fried Calamari- 7.99

Battered Calamari served with sweet chili peanut sauce


House Salad – 4.99

Fresh Lettuce, cucumbers and tomato topped with homemade ginger dressing

Bangkok Salad – 6.99

Fresh Lettuce, Chicken and Shrimp, bean sprout, cucumber, onion, tomato, served with a peanut dressing

Papaya Salad – 7.99 / with shrimp – 10.99

Shredded green papaya and tomato in a sweet and sour lime sauce

Thai Cucumber salad – 4.99

Shredded cucumbers and tomato in a sweet and sour lime sauce

Sunomono – 5.99

Sliced cucumbers, red onions, scallions, and tomatoes with sweet vinegar dressing topped with sesame seeds


(Includes: Cilantro, Fried Garlic, and Scallions)

Soup Of the Day

Monday: Wonton | Tuesday: Chicken & Rice | Wednesday: Vegetable | Thursday: Tom Kha | Friday: Chicken Noodle

Vegetable – 4.99

Selected vegetables in clear broth

Wooton – 4.99

Stuffed with chicken, turkey and shrimp, peas, carrots, and bean sprout in clear broth

Chicken Noodle – 4.99

Sliced chicken, rice noodles, mini mixed vegetable, and bean sprouts in clear broth

Chicken Rice – 4.99

Sliced chicken and jasmine rice in ginger clear broth

Hot and Sour – 4.99

Minced chicken (can be substituted with Steamed Tofu – HOT), mini mixed vegetables, mushroom and water chestnut in hot and spicy soy broth

Miso    – 4.99

Mushrooms, scallions and tofu in savory broth

Tom Yum (choice prices below)

Lemongrass, mushroom, onion and tomato with a choice of meat as followed:

  • Vegetables, Tofu  or  Chicken – 5.99
  • One choice of seafood – 6.99
  • Combo or Mix Seafood – 7.99

Tom Kha (choice prices below)

Cream of coconut with tomato, onion and mushroom with a choice of meat as followed:

  • Vegetables, Tofu or Chicken – 5.99
  • One choice of Seafood – 6.99
  • Combo or Mixed Seafood – 7.99

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